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Using WordPress and a VPN Service to Increase Online Business

  • When WordPress first started out in 2003, it was considered to be the best blogging tool in the market. Since the beginning, it has utilized a powerful content management system (CMS) that is based on open source code. In the last decade, since its original release, it has come to be known as the best blogging and website building platform in the world. Millions of companies and individuals use the power of WordPress for a variety of different reasons including as an e-commerce store, corporate website, blogging site, and to provide information.

    The Success of WordPress

    The key component that has built the success of the platform is its simple to use interface. Additional key components include:

    · Its high-level content management system
    · Its huge variety of available themes and plug-ins 

    · The easy ability for search engine crawlers to locate newly posted content. This maximizes search engine optimization (SEO) performance

    · Its easy-to-use interface allows for endless customizable theme possibilities 
    WordPress comes with a huge array of themes, plug-ins and widgets that can be used to fully customize any website or blogging site. The versatility of these widgets and themes allow individuals to create nearly any type of site they desire. WordPress is king in the world of online platforms, simply because of the hundreds of millions of sites that are built using the system. 

    Their online support is impeccable. They offer open forums to help their customers answer all pressing questions on how to best develop their website and grow their business.

    Flexible Enough for Business

    WordPress is ideal for companies that need flexibility. It has the capacity to expand in size as the company’s online business grows. With its easy-to-use content management system (CMS) it can easily be customized to meet the requirements of any business. Successful businesses often incorporate a VPN service when building, developing, creating and managing their online website using the WordPress platform. 

    WordPress provides the best solution for online marketing strategies that incorporate social media sites and blogging sites. With its ability to provide newly posted content, search engine sites including Google and Bing can easily update their systems when they recognize the fresh content, to push the rankings of the business website higher in search engine results. This maximizes SEO (search engine optimization) performance, and helps to increase traffic to the site.
    With all of the functionalities that WordPress offers, along with its versatility, it works well for companies that need an easy-to-use interface and a quick way to update online content. 

    Windows 8 - A user's Review

  • With updates in the Windows 8 operating system, a number of Windows 8 tablets and windows 8 Laptops have been in the market for quite some months until now. This is a game changing OS. This operating system was launched on the 26th of October 2012. Windows 8 has brought in radical changes to the User Interface. It is interface is designed so that it can be used with the touchscreen, mouse and keyboard as well.

    We can download the windows apps through the Windows store or from the apps designer website as well. This windows store is quite similar to that of Google Play store and Apple Store. As of now you can get many free apps but they would eventually increase as the number of windows users will increase. Like the previous versions of Windows you can definitely run all the previous version of windows on Windows 8which is only possible on PC and Laptops but not on Tablets.

    Once you enter your password, you will come across the modern UI (User Interface) which gives you an amazing experience of the new start screen. Most people feel lost at this juncture. It takes only some time to figure out how you need to proceed with the new interface. It allows you to install all the apps you would like to have. This allows you to zoom in and out of the screen. Those without touchscreen can also do this by holing the Ctrl key and roll their mouse wheel to do so. It’s good to learn the keyboard shortcuts as this would be the only way for you to get your work done fast if you had a touch screen.

    Keyboard Shortcuts:

    Windows + L: Locks your system and shows you the lock screen

    Windows + C: It opens the Charms bar

    Windows + H: Helps you share the charm bar

    Windows + Z: It displays the apps bar

    Windows + I: helps you with the charms bar settings

    Windows + D: It shows you the traditional/ Conventional desktop.

    Windows + X: It opens the admin menu.

    Alt + F4: Closes the current application.

    Charms Bar:

    This charms bar is a brand new feature included in the Windows 8. It appears on the right edge of your screen. From the top you have the following in sequence of Search, share, start, devices and settings. Start takes you to the start screen. Share allows you to share stuff with people if you have some apps like Facebook and Twitter downloaded. Search is the substitute for the search box in the previous version of Windows.

    iPhone 6 - Expectations and Big time for Apple

  • Samsung S4 is a take of Samsung on Apple's iPhone 5, A much powerful, with better features, innovative and not a copycat at all. Major two features that are "Smart scroll" and "Smart pause" never seen before. With a life like screen with more pixels per inch, a 13 mp camera, bigger 5 inch screen and everything to beat iPhone 5. Not just Samsung S4, in market there is Blackberry B10, HTC One and Sony Experia Z which are giving neck to competition to Apple.
    Apple used to be an industry leader, not in terms of profits and revenue but in terms of technology, innovation and design. But they are losing their "Throne" to Samsung, In past many years it was Apple which use to bring new features and everybody in the market follow them. Samsung is now changing the game, they are hitting Apple in every market, Samsung is also snatching tablet market from Apple.

    SWOT analysis of Apple for smart phone market


    • Industry leader in design, huge following for its product design.
    • Big brand (much higher brand value than competitors)
    • Culture to shape markets and bring new features in the products
    • Operating system, which is still better than Google's android
    • Apps marketplace provides huge apps


    • Kept the prices of smart phones high, it was strategy when there was no close alternative in the market and people were ready to pay premium, but now things have been changed.
    • Not product lines for cheaper smart phones, every competitor have a wide range of product line, but Apple just want to create it's own market and want people and it's competitors to follow them.


    • Still competitors are trying eat market share of Apple, it can broaden its product line to increase the customers' base.


    • Samsung!!! New players in this segment are doing really well. It's stupid to underestimate any of them, Sony in their new smart phone Xperia Z, brought "Best of Sony", Sony makes one of the best cameras, displays and portable music players. That is a great product.

    What is the deciding factor in this Smart phone war :-

    Apple is leading in smart phone marketplace because of their Operating system, Wide apps marketplace and Design. Now development of Android is a deciding factor in this market. Next 2 years are really important for this market as everything is dependent on app market, it would be amazing to look which platform will be able to host exclusive apps that can shaken the market.

    What new features we expect from Apple in iPhone 6 :-

    • Wireless charging (Nokia and Samsung done this before, this is the most probable feature)
    • Higher resolution ( currently 226 ppi is not that much crystal clear as of competitors)
    • Better primary camera - even 8mp is not enough now
    • Smart scroll and smart pause ( Copyright stuff, now that's really dependent on the market response on these features

    Samsung Rex Series Mobiles - No Value For Money

  • In a attempt to capture low cost handset market, Samsung Mobiles launched Samsung Rex series by launching 4 handsets in the series - Rex 60, Rex 70, Rex 80 and Rex 90. These handsets are targeting low cost Nokia Asha series, but Nokia Asha series supports Whatsapp and many other applications that are not supported by Rex series. These are low quality mobiles, According to me Samsung is trying to incash it's brand value that is created by Galaxy series and it's landmark handsets.

    Overall Rating - 2 out of 5
    Price - 3 out of 5
    Features - 1.5 out of 5

    samsung rex series

    Features of Rex 60

    Screen size - 2.8''
    Primary camera - 1.3mp
    Internal storage - 30mb
    Battery - 1000mAh
    Dual sim, Samsung TouchWiz Lite
    Price - 3700

    Features of Rex 70

    Screen size - 3.0''
    Primary camera - 2mp
    Internal storage - 10mb
    Battery - 1000mAh
    Dual sim, Samsung TouchWiz Lite
    Price - 4070

    Features of Rex 80

    Screen size - 3.''
    Primary camera - 3.2mp
    Internal storage - 10mb
    Battery - 1000mAh
    Dual sim, Samsung TouchWiz Lite
    Price - 4790

    Features of Rex 90

    Screen size - 3.5''
    Primary camera - 3.2mp
    Internal storage - 10mb
    Battery - 1000mAh
    Dual sim, Samsung TouchWiz Lite
    Price - 5990

    samsung rex mobiles

    Pros of Rex series phones

    Value for money
    Looks good
    Dual sim
    Nice user interface

    Cons of Rex series phones

    No android
    Whatsapp not supported by Rex series mobiles
    Low internal storage space
    Less battery life, just 1000mAh battery,

    Price - Rs.3500 to 5800

    Advice - You can purchase Samsung Galaxy Y for Rs.5100, it runs on Android and with much better specs than Rex.

    Rex 90 Vs Samsung Galaxy Y 5360
    Please read deatied review of Samsung Galaxy Y 5360

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    Indiatimes Shopping Review - Worst place to shop online

  • Today i will give you a review of my personal experience with Indiatimes shopping. To say the least, it has been a horrendous experience. To know the details, read further.

    I ordered a pair of Nike shoes on 23th Jan through my credit card. I shop a lot online, However, this was my first shopping experience with Indiatimes shopping. Ebay, Myntra, Bestylish, Pepperfry, Tradus are few of my preferred online stores and to be honest my experience with them has always been good. Trusting the Times brand, I placed the order with estimated delivery date of 2nd Feb.
    I regularly checked the order details to see if they had shipped as most of the stores I order from, ship within a couple of days even if they mention 5-7 days. However, Indiatimes had still not shipped. On 31st Jan, I contacted Indiatimes shopping customer care on chat(which was equally pathetic). The chat support agent assured that the product will be shipped by 1st Jan, and I will get the product within 2 days.
    I checked again on 2nd Feb, but it was still not shipped. I decided to wait and see exactly how bad their service can be. On 6th Feb I received a call from them informing that the order has been cancelled as the product was out of stock. I had never experienced this kind of 3rd Grade service and that too from a Times Group company.
    Online shopping has become a rage in India and is growing really fast. The scope of price differentiation is really less, so online stores create a space for themselves on the basis of their service.
    My experience with Indiatimes shopping was not just one example of really bad customer experience. The same thing happened with a good friend.
    As a customer, I love to get a good product at reasonable price, however good customer service is more important for me, and I most certainly appreciate honesty.
    Indiatimes shopping took my order and my money upfront even though the product was out of stock. They kept me waiting for 15 days for the product and then cancelled it.
    So if you are one of those people who don’t mind paying a little extra for better service, try avoiding indiatimes shopping if you can.

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