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{Infographic} The great Indian Shopping Guide

  • India is one of the fastest growing economics which is possible due to the change in the online trends which are extremely positive. Google has done a survey about the growth in the online shopping in the year 2012-13. The results reveal amazing trends of growth as it has reported 128 % growth in one fiscal alone. This change is due to the introduction of many e – commerce websites which are promoting virtually every product online. The users or the customers do find these websites very attractive because of the discount vouchers, smart deals and fair variety. Customers have many brands to choose from and comfort is an added advantage. Online shopping is a convenient affair with the options to shop 24x7 and easy payment process. There are some exceptions in terms of fraudulent and suspicious websites which are being promoted with ill intentions. Such websites can compromise your security and identity online. Please go through the following infographic for more details.


    5 Best Stores To Buy shoes in India

  • Everybody is crazy about shoes, gone are the days when people use to buy one pair of shoes and use them till they torn off. Now in India people buy shoes for every occasion just like apparels. Buying shoes have become a fashion in India. Indians are so much comfortable with online shoe stores, most of youth now is purchasing shoes online. There are many reasons behind this :-
    • Online stores offers huge discounts
    • They have large variety of shoes
    • Ease of shopping 
    • Shop anywhere

    So let's talk about top shoe stores in India. Shoes is the most purchased item online after pen drives, it generates huge revenues so large number of startups enters the market. But you need to be cautious while purchasing shoes online


    Myntra is a big guy when it comes to men's shoes. With very high customer satisfaction and almost 0% order cancellations, I give this store number 1 spot.
    Quick delivery

    Easy return policy
    Quick customer care response
    Largest collection of shoes in industry
    Lowest price
    Great user experience on website
    Big brands available


    Jabong is one of the best online shoe stores in India. They have huge collections both for male and females. Best thing about this store is whenever you like a pair of shoe, you will find your size.

    Nice user interface
    Low prices
    Genuine products


    Bestylish is the only big store targeted towards shoes only.

    Everyday low price, don't wait for sale

    Huge collection
    Nice user interface
    Quick and free shipping, Cash on delivery available


    Out of box shopping portal. They don't allow anonymous shopping. Amazing thing I noticed is very low prices of products. But it is more like a clearance store selling whatever left unsold with manufacturer.
    Low prices

    Bad user interface
    Lack of variety
    More like a female store, most of the products are for girls


    Strengths :-
    Great offers

    Super savers that can give you great deals

    Bad user interface

    High prices without coupons
    Lack of big brands

    Worst Place to buy Shoes online

    Indiatimes Shopping 

    After purchasing a dozen pairs of shoes online. I placed an order with Indiatimes, they were offering A pair of Nike canvas shoes for Rs.1278, I placed the order although i knew they asked for 10 days for delivery. I made the payment from my credit card and after 10 days, I got their call that order had been cancelled and I will receive my money back in my account after another 5 days. It's been 1 week, I haven't received any money in my account. I think they don't even have a warehouse and they are a middleman, that's why they were asking for 10 days for delivery and they didn't knew that there was no stock. This happened to 3 of my friends who who purchased different shoes from this website on that day. So i recommend, stay away from them.


    10 Romantic ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

  • It doesn’t make any difference if you are seventeen or eighty that spark of love remains. It could be that wild, unbridled passion of your first love. It could be just a spark from a long ago time, a memory locked deep in our heart. Love is at the core of Valentine’s Day. This day, like no other, is the day when we express our love for one another. It’s the day to “tell our story of love.”

    Love is a feeling, an emotion, an unseen energy that exists between two people. On Valentine’s Day we must speak this love from our hearts. The actual events we plan are not as important as how we express them. Your Valentine’s Day may be filled with power packed activity or a simple time spent alone together. The key is how we tell our partner that he/she is the most important person in the world.

    Here again, we’ve got to know our partner, the depths of his/her emotions, what he/she wants and needs to express that energy of love. Some partners are reluctant to speak about love, yet they love deeply. Others tell their partner openly and often that they love them.

    On this day, Valentine’s Day, take time to plan that special event, one that will be remembered long after the day is past. Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Say “I love you with words.” Don’t just give a card. Take the time to write your feelings of love for your partner, what excites you most, what you treasure most, and how this makes you feel.

    2. Say it with music. Music resounds deep in the human heart. Take your partner dancing. Most couples don’t dance often enough.

    3. Laugh. Laughing is one of the most exhilarating ways to express your love. Have you ever started laughing with your partner and that set off a laughing binge that lasted for hours?

    4. Be intimate. Massage each other. Have you ever spent the entire day in bed? Try it on Valentine’s Day. You’ll be amazed at how close you become. You’ll catch those little, deep, hidden tidbits about your partner that you never knew before.

    5. Get away. Send the kids to grandma’s and just be alone together in a remove hideaway. Talk about how much you love each other.

    6. Stay at home. Don’t cook. Order in. Spend a romantic evening in bed watching a movie, holding each other and telling each other how much you love them.

    7. Weather permitting, do a picnic. It can be outdoors or in front of your fireplace. You can set the mood with the traditional wine and cheese. Hold each other. Make love.

    8. Take a warm bath together. Use divine fragrances. Make this sensual and romantic, a night to remember.

    9. Take a moonlight stroll. Hold hands and “feel” your partner’s love.

    10. Make a memory. Take pictures of both of you together. Share your love and pictures with friends.

    Remember, Valentine’s Day is a day of love and feeling. Use the day to make a memory that will last a lifetime.

    Set up the day by celebrating it for a whole week and you can also take part in the multifaceted musical experience by watching live shows at boxoffice.


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