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Windows 8 - A user's Review

  • With updates in the Windows 8 operating system, a number of Windows 8 tablets and windows 8 Laptops have been in the market for quite some months until now. This is a game changing OS. This operating system was launched on the 26th of October 2012. Windows 8 has brought in radical changes to the User Interface. It is interface is designed so that it can be used with the touchscreen, mouse and keyboard as well.

    We can download the windows apps through the Windows store or from the apps designer website as well. This windows store is quite similar to that of Google Play store and Apple Store. As of now you can get many free apps but they would eventually increase as the number of windows users will increase. Like the previous versions of Windows you can definitely run all the previous version of windows on Windows 8which is only possible on PC and Laptops but not on Tablets.

    Once you enter your password, you will come across the modern UI (User Interface) which gives you an amazing experience of the new start screen. Most people feel lost at this juncture. It takes only some time to figure out how you need to proceed with the new interface. It allows you to install all the apps you would like to have. This allows you to zoom in and out of the screen. Those without touchscreen can also do this by holing the Ctrl key and roll their mouse wheel to do so. It’s good to learn the keyboard shortcuts as this would be the only way for you to get your work done fast if you had a touch screen.

    Keyboard Shortcuts:

    Windows + L: Locks your system and shows you the lock screen

    Windows + C: It opens the Charms bar

    Windows + H: Helps you share the charm bar

    Windows + Z: It displays the apps bar

    Windows + I: helps you with the charms bar settings

    Windows + D: It shows you the traditional/ Conventional desktop.

    Windows + X: It opens the admin menu.

    Alt + F4: Closes the current application.

    Charms Bar:

    This charms bar is a brand new feature included in the Windows 8. It appears on the right edge of your screen. From the top you have the following in sequence of Search, share, start, devices and settings. Start takes you to the start screen. Share allows you to share stuff with people if you have some apps like Facebook and Twitter downloaded. Search is the substitute for the search box in the previous version of Windows.

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