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iPhone 6 - Expectations and Big time for Apple

  • Samsung S4 is a take of Samsung on Apple's iPhone 5, A much powerful, with better features, innovative and not a copycat at all. Major two features that are "Smart scroll" and "Smart pause" never seen before. With a life like screen with more pixels per inch, a 13 mp camera, bigger 5 inch screen and everything to beat iPhone 5. Not just Samsung S4, in market there is Blackberry B10, HTC One and Sony Experia Z which are giving neck to competition to Apple.
    Apple used to be an industry leader, not in terms of profits and revenue but in terms of technology, innovation and design. But they are losing their "Throne" to Samsung, In past many years it was Apple which use to bring new features and everybody in the market follow them. Samsung is now changing the game, they are hitting Apple in every market, Samsung is also snatching tablet market from Apple.

    SWOT analysis of Apple for smart phone market


    • Industry leader in design, huge following for its product design.
    • Big brand (much higher brand value than competitors)
    • Culture to shape markets and bring new features in the products
    • Operating system, which is still better than Google's android
    • Apps marketplace provides huge apps


    • Kept the prices of smart phones high, it was strategy when there was no close alternative in the market and people were ready to pay premium, but now things have been changed.
    • Not product lines for cheaper smart phones, every competitor have a wide range of product line, but Apple just want to create it's own market and want people and it's competitors to follow them.


    • Still competitors are trying eat market share of Apple, it can broaden its product line to increase the customers' base.


    • Samsung!!! New players in this segment are doing really well. It's stupid to underestimate any of them, Sony in their new smart phone Xperia Z, brought "Best of Sony", Sony makes one of the best cameras, displays and portable music players. That is a great product.

    What is the deciding factor in this Smart phone war :-

    Apple is leading in smart phone marketplace because of their Operating system, Wide apps marketplace and Design. Now development of Android is a deciding factor in this market. Next 2 years are really important for this market as everything is dependent on app market, it would be amazing to look which platform will be able to host exclusive apps that can shaken the market.

    What new features we expect from Apple in iPhone 6 :-

    • Wireless charging (Nokia and Samsung done this before, this is the most probable feature)
    • Higher resolution ( currently 226 ppi is not that much crystal clear as of competitors)
    • Better primary camera - even 8mp is not enough now
    • Smart scroll and smart pause ( Copyright stuff, now that's really dependent on the market response on these features

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