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How To Find Your Business The Best Internet Service Provider

  • Contrary to some beliefs, not all internet connections are the same. In fact, there are quite a few differences between different types of internet connections. Price is only one example of some of the differences between types of internet connections. It is important for you to choose the best internet service provider for your business. 

    There are quite a few things that you have to consider if you want to choose the best high speed internet service provider for your business. For example, you would have to think about the type of internet connection that is best and internet security that can protect your business. You might already recognize the terms ‘high speed’ and ‘broadband’ when you shop for internet service providers. Bandwidth is the more popular type of internet connection that is offered by internet service providers. This is because it is still relatively cheap while being faster than dial-up. Wideband is the fastest type of internet connection. It can offer speeds that go up to 50 megabits per second.

    Types of Internet Connections
    DSL is the cheapest type of internet connection that you will find. In order to purchase a DSL internet connection for your business, you would only have to pay between $30 and $90 each month. A DSL internet connection uses phone lines to provide internet services. However, DSL does let its users transfer data and make voice calls at the same time. How well this type of internet connection performs is based on how far away your company’s location is from the internet service provider’s exchange. DSL speeds can reach 15 megabits per second for downloads. It reaches around one megabits per second for uploads. DSL can handle around twelve users of the internet connection. It can also be used for point of sale systems. 

    Cable is one of the more popular types of internet connections. If you wish to purchase a cable internet connection for your business, you might end up paying anything between $60 and $300 each month. Cable internet connections use cable lines to provide digital phones, an internet connection and television to its users. This type of internet connection can provide speeds as high as 50 megabits per second for downloads. It can also provide anywhere between two megabits per second and ten megabits per second for uploads. Cable users share bandwidth with other users as well. It might be slower during hours of extreme use.

    Fiber is the best type of high speed internet connection for business because it offers the best performance. Fiber optic internet connections prove download speeds that are anywhere between 15 megabits per second and 150 megabits per second. Upload speeds for fiber optic internet connections can be anything between five megabits per second and 135 megabits per second. This type of internet connection can cost anything between $70 and $200 a month. It can provide internet connection, phone services and television services for up to 24 users at the same time.

    Dynamic IP Addresses and Static IP Addresses

    Many men and women tend to believe that dynamic IP addresses are the best type of IP addresses for businesses. There are a many different things that dynamic IP addresses can do that a static IP address is unable to provide. For example, internet service providers do not need to configure addresses or manage addresses for specific customers when a dynamic IP address is used. It can also be useful for companies. For example, IP configuration on a router is not required for a dynamic IP address. In addition, dynamic IP addresses automatically provide some type of security. It is harder for a hacker to track and find your company’s IP address. If you must use a static IP address to run servers, you must have firewall protection.

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