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A Closer Look at Lenovo’s Newest Tablet PCs

  • Lenovo continues to raise its game in terms of their offering of consumer tablet PCs. At the recently concluded IFA industry event in Berlin, all the top computer manufacturers showcased their latest innovations. A wide range of all-in-one computers, tablet PCs, ultrabooks, and laptop-tablet hybrids were on display. And Lenovo was no exception; revealing details of its latest all-in-one computer model, and adding new laptops and new specs to its IdeaPad line.

          A leader in tablet PC production, Lenovo released three new Android tablets, namely the IdeaTab A2109, IdeaTab S2110A, and the IdeaTab 2107. The IdeaTab A2107 is designed to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the Google Nexus 7, and the iPad mini. Lenovo’s standard Android slates are the 7-inch A2107 and 9-inch A2109 that are already comfortable to hold in portrait or landscape modes. But the new IdeaTab versions also boast 1,024 x 600 screens that can be found in Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 and the Kindle Fire.

          The IdeaTab S2110A has an even larger 1,280 x 800 display, and features two USB ports on a docking station. It runs on 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Perhaps the most unique aspect of this tablet is its detachable keyboard dock which doubles battery life for up to 20 hours, easily detaching from the device with a single button press. According to Lenovo, the IdeaTab S2110A is a ‘premium entertainment tablet’. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 at 1GHz for processing oomph. It also boasts USB ports, an SD card reader, a micro HDMI port, a 1.3 MP front-facing camera, a 5MP rear camera, and a 1080p HD resolution.

          Lenovo has also been teasing us with the promise of a Windows 8-operated tablet PC for quite some time. According to reports in The Verge, Lenovo is, in fact, currently working towards being the first ever company to market Windows 8 tablet PCs, an unidentified source having recently leaked the tablet’s official specs online. The Lenovo ThinkPad’s successor is set to run on the new Windows 8 OS, and will be equipped with a stylus pen, and an optional keyboard dock like that of Microsoft’s Surface keyboard. This new Lenovo tablet PC will also sport an Intel dual core Clover trail processor, a 2GB RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 10.1-inch display. The ThinkPad 2’s cameras are also believed to be superior to those of the iPad, with 8MP on the rear and 2MP at the front, both with an LED flash. 

         Lenovo is set to release the prices of its new tablet PC creations in the next few days.
    Give a look to range of lenovo tablet pc range here.

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    Top 5 Movie Apps for Android tablets

  • If you are a film lover and you have recently purchased an Android tablet you will be pleased to discover that there is a wealth of apps available to suit your cinematic needs. But where does you start? Luckily for you we have gathered together five of the best apps for the cineaste in all of us.

    IMDb Movies and TV (free)

     The Internet Movie Database is simply the greatest film information resource in the world. With this app, you gain access to the database of over 2 million film and TV titles and over 4 million actors, directors and entertainers. You also get access to all the trivia, trailers, notifications and reviews that any film lover could want.


    7 Tips to Make Money With Clickbank

  • Clickbank is one of the main source of income for most of the bloggers. Unlike Adsense, you can fetch even $100 from a single sale in clickbank. 90% of the successful bloggers don't depend upon adsense or similar PPC networks to make money as the payout is quite low. As in PPC networks, Publishers don't know the value of products they are selling on their blogs and websites. But it is quite clear in affiliate partnerships, the value of products you are selling. Commission hovers around 10% to 80% ( yes it is 80%, some of the sellers provides 80% commission !! )
    Even though so many advantages, still most of the publishers struggle with clickbank to make money . So today i come up with some tips which can help you to make big money with clickbank, here they are :-

    1) Choose the products wisely

     You need to identify your readers, who they are and why are they coming to your site. Analyse the main keywords that are driving traffic towards your website on Google Webmaster Tools. Try make search products by using similar keywords on Clickbank marketplace. Try the products that are closely related to your website. For example, if i am running a design website, often i provide inspirational articles on business cards, so when i try to sell business cards, it was a hit !!!  Give a look to some handpicked products in  my previous article

    1. Top 7 Clickbank Products You Should Select to promote


    Top 7 Clickbank Products You Should Select to promote

  • Clickbank is the market leader in affiliate buisness. They provides a big platform to sell digital products. Its not easy to find products that have value to your readers. You may be running a educational website and most of your readers are below 18, if you are trying to sell Self-help ebooks to them. You are not going to suceed at all.
    Currently there are three categories that are selling like hot cakes on clickbank , these are :-
    1. Make Money
    2. Weight losing
    3. Forex
    These are the only niches where i see gravity is more then 100. So now we are listing the best clickbank products by categories :-

    1) Making Money

    Everyone wants to make money online. So you don't need to relate your readers to clickbank's products. Most of these are training programs which includes cds and ebooks. You can see money making ad banners on big blogs too, these are all clickbank products.


    • Average %/sale - 40%
    • Gravity - 270.24
    • Initial $/sale - $2.02
    • Avg. Rebill total - $113.22
    • Avg $/ sale - $114.55

    Work From No Home

    • Average %/sale - 60%
    • Gravity - 460.48
    • Initial $/sale - $24.51
    • Avg $/ sale - $24.27
    • Avg. Rebill total - $18.59

    The Monster Is Back

    • Average %/sale - 64%
    • Gravity - 373.4
    • Initial $/sale - $24.51
    • Rebill total - nil

    2) Weight losing

    More than 36% of the US population is obese. Due fast food chains and bad living habits more and more people are becoming obese. So most of the people try to find some easy way out to get rid of obesity. Here comes the turn of these, quick weight losing techniques which comes in form of training CDs and ebooks. These books and CD's contains special diet plans and exercises which really works.

    The Fat Loser Factor

    • Average %/sale - 75%
    • Gravity - 199.34
    • Initial $/sale - $39.19
    • Avg $/ sale - $24.27
    • Avg. Rebill total - $25.29

    The Muscle Maximiser

    • Average %/sale - 75%
    • Gravity - 177.42
    • Initial $/sale - $45.15
    • Avg $/ sale - $47.1
    • Avg. Rebill total - $26.59

    Burn Fat,  Feed The Muscle

    • Average %/sale - 60%
    • Gravity - 129.81
    • Initial $/sale - $23.11
    • Avg $/ sale - $24.27
    • Avg. Rebill total - $17.34

    3) Forex

    Many of the people are not interested in stock exchanges because of stagnant growth rate and huge risks. Forex is the global market for trading of international currencies. A lot of people have earned huge from it. Also the risk is not too much because it is the responsibility of the Government to stabalise the currency.

    Real Money Doubling Forex Robot Fap Turbo

    • Average %/sale - 60%
    • Gravity - 87
    • Initial $/sale - $77.60
    • Avg $/ sale - $77.60.27
    • Avg. Rebill total - Nil
    Hope the above products would help you earn more dollars :)


    Samsung Galaxy S Advance - Review

  • Samsung company is well known for its smartphones .A long before Samsung has  announced of its new smartphone which was schedule to be launch in April.As promised before Samsung is with its new smartphone "Galaxy s advance" with some of the unique features this Galaxy s advance is ready to capture the market.Today we will make you aware with some features of this new smartphone:


    Its display is one of the important feature and Samsung s advance is coming with a wonderful screen look of 4 inches .It is arriving in the market with Amoled capacitive touchscreen and 480 x 800 resolution.You can also enjoy multitouch operation in this smartphone .


    This Galaxy s advance has a primary snapper of 5 mega pixel which comes in addition to Autofocus,LED flashlight,Touch focus ,face and smile detection which makes it a worth deal.It also spot the video recording of 720p on 30fps.It also have a secondary camera of 1.3 mega pixel.


    Operating system of Galaxy s advance is really very wonderful and admirable which comes with smartphone android version 2.3,Gingerbread operating system,and Touch Wiz 4.0 user interface.Samsung has also provided a medium for users to use Google services which takes there satisfaction on the different level, along with this it also provides the facility of Samsung App store.It has 3 content hub Reader hub,Social hub and Game hub.


    Dual cortex A9 processor provides a new power to this smartphone.This processor provides a tremendous power to the new smartphone "Galaxy s advance".Along with the handset a customer will also be provided with the internal memory of GB which can be expanded upto 32 GB.


    Galaxy s advance support 500 mAh battery of Li-ion which can talk continuously for 15 hours on 2G and hours for 3G.For connectivity it gives you the feature of HSDPA, GPRS,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and USB through which you can always be in contact with your friends and family


    • Samsung live panel UX
    • Chat On
    • Samsung Kies 2.0
    • Samsung Kies Air.
    • Samsung Apps

    I hope you all like the features of Galaxy s advance for any query leave your precious  comments below.


    Nokia Lumia 710 - Review - Features and Specifications

  • These days the smartphone's r are getting very popular  in the market. Nokia Lumia 710 after decrease in its price is giving a tough competition to other smartphone's.We have reviewed this Nokia Lumia 710 and have also compared with some other phone.

    Some features of Nokia Lumia 710

    • It has 3.7 clear black LCD.
    • It has internal memory of 8 GB but it cant be expended.
    • It runs on the processor of 1.3 GHz.
    • It supports Wi-Fi, 3G and have 13 mAh battery.
    • Plus points of Nokia Lumia 710


    • I really appreciate its high speed.
    • Its screen quality makes it different from other smartphones.
    • It has solid body and good operating system.

    Negative points of Nokia Lumia 710

    • This Nokia Lumia does not have secondary camera.
    • It doesn't have Apps like android.
    • Its memory cant be expanded .


    If you compare Lumia 710 with Lumia 800 you will see that Lumia 800 is much more better then Lumia 710.It has plastic body but have premium quality steering feel.It will attract you with different body colors.Lumia 800 is a unibody phone but in comparison you will find that Lumia 710 is a bit small.It has 3.7 inch of clear black LCD screen which is very comfortable one can see its bright screen even in sunlight very comfortably.this phone has 3 button for back,menu and search.It has changeable battery which is not there in Nokia Lumia 800.It has "live tile" feature through which you can check your live social updates very easily.


    Its a window 7 phone and has android.It will be a new experience for all those who are using blackberry or i phones.With tile screen you can run its screen very comfortably,it has a great touch response.It will take time to understand all of its feature but once you are through you will enjoy have to swipe its touch vertically.

    It has 5 mega pixel camera with flash light overall it has an average camera quality.It doesn't have secondary camera.The processor is really very fast which you can feel in gaming.Performance of other features in this Lumia 710 is also good.Even in heavy load  its battery can run for a whole day.

    In the world of windows market number of apps is increasing day by day but no one can give competition to android.Now the question arises whether the people will accept it in place of android.This phone has good mail feature and fast push mail feature.

    I hope you like the features of this phone and its a great option if you are planning to buy a window phone because you cant find window phone within this price range.Now choice is yours.

    HTC one series Vs Blackberry curve 9200 - Features and Specifications


    Research and motion company has launched its new handset that is blackberry curve 9220.It is the first phone of blackberry which is coming with the feature of Radio FM.This phone is made keeping in mind the young generation ,company focused on its music player and other features.An offer is going on with this phone that  one can download application of around 2500 after purchasing it.It is the cheapest blackberry handset available in the market before this blackberry 8520 was the cheapest phone but it didn't have the feature of FM.Except the FM function it has almost the same features of blackberry 8520 like 2 mega pixel camera and 2G network connectivity.By launching blackberry cheapest phone it has many expectations from Asian countries ,it is focusing to capture the market of Indian and Indonesia.

    Features of blackberry curve 9220

    • It is four row quarty keypad.
    • It has QVGA display of  2.44 inches.
    • 3G network is not supported in curve 9220.
    • It has battery of 1450 mAh.
    • Curve 9220 come with the warranty of 18 months.



    HTC with its one series hoping to maintain itself on the premium end of smartphone's.HTC is claiming that its latest phone one x is the best android phone.This phone runs on Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich).HTC one x was presented first in Mobile world congress which held in Barcelona.Along with its strong and beautiful polycarbonated unibody it has nvidia tegra 3 and 1.5GHz quad core processor.Along with this it has also focused to protect the core battery.The best thing which i liked in this handset is that it has 8 mega pixel camera which has high quality of lens and stabilizer.Even in night time it has good picture quality.Its camera  has a unique feature and that is you can do photo shoot along with video recording.It has HD screen of 4 inch.

    Features of HTC one series :-

    • It comes with the battery Li-po 1800 mAh.
    • It has 1.5GHz quad core processor.
    • It has multitouch display.


    Nokia Asha 303 - Review : Features and Specifications

  • Today we will tell you some feature and specification of Nokia Asha 303 which has the feature of both touch screen and quarty keypad.Nokia is trying to give value added features in its Asha series which can easily be notice in its every model.In this series Asha 303 is the premium handset which have both touch screen and quarty keypad.


    In Asha 303 company has provided 1GHz of processor which makes internet surfing very fast.It has Symbian 40 operating system which is good for all those who are using Nokia phones from a  long time but the young generation who  is more attracted toward android will find it a bit old.You can put widgets of your choice on homepage of your phone.It doesn't have multi operating option so one cant operate many Apps at a single time.


    It is very much sleek and light weight as compare to Asha 202.Charging point , micro USB slot and 3.55 mm jack are on the top side of the phone and on the right side it has volume control and sleep button.It has 2.6 inch of capacitive touch screen.It is average in touch experience which can be much better.The screen resolution of Nokia Asha 303 is 240 x 320  pixels which is good for indoor but might create problem for outdoor use.


    Symbian 40 has given "angry bird" game in this handset which is a plus point of this phone ,It has the biggest screen in Asha series so  you can enjoy the game easily.It also have pre loaded TV app in which one can see countless TV has also provided many games which you can purchase after playing the trial version .It also have whats App for social networking sites which will attract the young generation.The phone is provided with 3.2 mega pixel of camera which gives an average result.Asha 303 has a good battery backup.

    I personally feel that with such a big list of features like TV app,Angry bird,Touch and quarty keypad its a worth deal.For any other query regarding Nokia Asha 303 you can leave your comment below

    Android Users Will Have To Face Hackers And Virus Near In Future

  • hackers_virus_androidSome time before i accidentally  switched on to some channel which was showing the top 100 gadget that has changed the world and i got shocked with the fact that smartphone topped that list ,can you believe it, i mean its our daily basic need ,we keep our important files and document in that but "changing the world" is a big title but now these android smartphone's is in danger because of its growing popularity. security is a point of talk these days in android world ,there are thousand of Apps claiming to give full security  but trust me there is no such App which can give 100% security to your phone.Hackers are now targeting on your android phones claimed by Symantec.Researcher has revealed about the truth of Trojan which now has entered into the market of virus before its a common practice in your desktop but now the Malware has initiated this thing in android market.

    In general situation hackers  target those operating system which is used by large number of people like we saw in windows ,it is a point of center for the hackers but as android is growing day by day the hackers now plunge on to this OS.Android capture 50 percent of the U.S market.

    However the situation of this virus is still under control as it enters a bit whenever any specific part of app is modified but foreseeing the situation  it will become very difficult to solve this situation as all the antivirus may fail to detect the virus in future.

    I personally feel that  android phones are like mini computer and  having android phones in pocket is much more important then to have purse or money in your pocket.

    If you have any question related to security of android feel free to ask by leaving your comment below.

    Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 - Review - Features and specification

  • samsung_galaxy_ace_3
    Samsung galaxy ace is the most awaited phone in market.Ace 2 and Ace 3 holds a great place in the market this is the only reason why people are so curious to know about the features and specification of Galaxy Ace 3.It arrived into the market with a big screen of 4.8 inches.In terms of features this set is very powerful but it has upset the people with its design and looks but it is for sure that it is giving a tough competition to the top three phones in the market including Apple i phone 4 s and HTC one x.


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