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10 Best Blogger templates for Photography and Video Blogs

  • Blogger platform is so much popular with photographers, unlike other complex platforms it is quite easy to operate and also it is free to maintain. A lot of free blogger templates are available for photography and video blogs. A photgraphy blog should be elegant and clean. There is a trend to use bigger pictures but one should take care of smaller screen resolution devices. So here is the list of 10 best blogger templates for Photography and Video Blogs :-

    Photography Templates

    1) Lugas

    2) Wallbase

    3) Madkassar

    4) Simplex Buzz

    5) Poster Inc

    6) Magnesiumise

    7)  Simplify

    Video Blog Templates

    8) You Blog

    9) Blogger Tube

    10) V Tube 


    Tips to increase Adsense Revenue

  • Adsense have become a major source of income for most of the bloggers. But still a big legue of blogger struggles with low CTR and CPC. So today i am providing you some simple tips to get rid of them :-

    1) Reduce the Number of ads

    Reduce the number of ads from 2 or 3 t 1 because when there are more then 1 ad, the supply of your ads is more than demand by advertisers bidding for it. So it is advised to keep the number of ads as low as possible.

    2) Use rich media ads

    Rich media and animated flash ads attracts viewers eyes and leads to more clicks , it leads to high revenue.

    3) Placement

    Optimal placement of ads ads leads to high revnue. An ad below post title brings more clicks as compared to header. Placement should be compatible with your blog/website design.

    4) Blocking low paying advertisers 

    Find out the list of low payng ads and block them. Some of the websites tries to aim at lowest paying keywords. You should avoid them.

    5) Use Google Adwords's keyword tool

    Write the articles for keywords having high competition and high cpc in adword keyword tool.

    6) Removing ad categories 

    Find out the low paying ad categories and remove them. 

    Tablet Buying Guide

  • Now a days tablets are getting more and more popular, it became one of the best selling products online. All of the manufacture wants to cash this opportuinity. Every week there is a tablet most of them are running on google powered Android OS. So today i am providing you a tablet buying guide, here it is :-

    Operating System 

    Two major OS are Google powered Android (opensource) and Apple powered IOS. In case of android running devices, check out its lastest version, v4.1 (jelly bean) is the lastest version of android.


    New generation tablets have a processor of 1ghz or more, all new Google Nexus 7 have a quadcore processor of 1.3 ghz.

    Screen Size

    Tablets comes in range of 6" to 12" , screen size really effects the price of a tablet. So while buying a $200, you should not expect a 10" screen.

    Build and shape

    While Ipad looks really good but its really brittle. Whereas Google Nexus 7 and Samsung's tablets proves to be relatively strong.

    Price and Value for money

    Some of tablets such as Ipad are priced more than it really worth. All other tablets are competitevely priced.


    Although you may not require this feature in a tablet, but it is required in case of video chat and many other apps.

    Calling facility

    Some of the tablets like Samsung Galaxy tablet have calling facility.

    USB Slot

    Most of the tablets as Google Nexus 7 , Samsung Galaxy etc have USB slot but Ipad don't have a USB slot.

    Availability of accessories

    While buying an tablet you should first consider that whether its accesories and parts are available easily or not.


    Its the most important thing, as a product from reputed brand is always durable. 

    Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Review

  • Samsung Galaxy Y is a smartphone with pleasant design that runs on Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) . It have 832 mhz processor and 312 mb RAM that gives Its the best entry level android phone which gives head to head competition to phones that are priced more than Rs. 10000. Size of the screen is 3 inches which reasonably good at this price.
    For features and more android phones below Rs. 10,000

    Diifference between Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Y is Ace have a screen of 3.5" , having a 5mp camera and a separate proocessor for gaming.


    • Price is just rS. 6700
    • High performance with a fast processor
    • RAM is 312mb which is really good at this price
    • Performance of carmera is reallly good if you need a camera just to upload pictures to facebook
    • Looks really cool


    • Screen size is small and doesn't provide true Android experiance
    • Battery backup is just 6 Hours

    9 Best Android Mobile Phones Below Rs.10,000 In India

  • There are a lots of android mobile phones available priced below Rs.10,000 but most of them have bad screen resolutions and bad primary cameras. But today we picked 8 best android phones below 10,000

    1. Samsung Galaxy Y ( Best Value For Money Mobile Phone )

    • Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) 
    • 2 MP Camera
    • 3-inch TFT Touchscreen
    • 832 MHz processor
    • Resolution: 320 x 240 Pixels
    • Weight :- 97.5 g
    • RAM :-  290 MB
    • Internal Memory :- 180 Mb
    • Wi-Fi
    • Expandable Storage Capacity of upto 32 GB
    • Price : Rs. 6670

    Buy Samsung Galaxy Y online

    2. HTC Wildfire

    • Camera - 5 MP
    • 3.2-inch capacitive Touchscreen
    • Android version - 2.1 
    • Processor - 528 MHz
    • RAM :- 512 MB
    • Internal Memory :- 384 MB
    • External memory which is expandable up to 32 GB
    • Weight - 118 grms
    • 3G and WI-FI 
    • Price - Rs 9000

    3. HTC Explorer ( Best Functionality )

    • Price :-Rs 8400/-
    • Primary Camera :- 3.15 MP
    • 3.2-inch capacitive Touchscreen
    • Android version :- v2.3 (gingerbread)
    • Processor :- 600 MHz ( not overclocked )
    • RAM is of 512 MB
    • Internal Memory :- 90 MB ( didn't like that )
    • External memory is expandable up to 32 Gb
    • weight :- 108 grms
    • 3G and WI-FI 

    Buy HTC Explorer online

    4. LG Optimus NET P690 :

    • Price :-  8600
    • Camera :- 3.15 MP 
    • Android version :-  2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
    • 3.2-inch Screen
    • Processor :- 800 MHz
    • RAM :- 384 MB
    • Internal Memory :- 150 MB
    • External memory expandable up to 32 Gb
    • weight :-  129.2 g
    • 3G and WI-FI

    Buy LG Optimus NET P690 from

    5. Sony Walkman W8 :

    • Price :- 9300/-
    • Camera :-  3.15 MP
    • 3-inch Touchscreen
    • Android version :-  v2.1
    • Processor :- 600 MHz
    • RAM :-  168 MB RAM
    • Internal Memory :- 128 MB 
    • External memory :- Expandable up to 32 Gb
    • weight :- 104 g
    • 3G and WI-FI

    Buy Sony Ericsson W8 online

    6. Spice Mi 425 :

    • Price :-Rs  9700/-
    • Camera of 5 MP
    • 4.1-inch Touchscreen
    • Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) 
    • Processor :-  1GHz
    • RAM :-   256 MB
    • Internal Memory :- 140 MB
    • Memory expandable up to 32 Gb
    • weight :- 110 g
    • 3G and WI-FI  .

    Buy Spice Mi-425 online

    7. Motorola FIRE XT

    • Price - Rs. 9700
    • Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) 
    • 3.5-inch Touchscreen
    • 5 MP Camera
    • 0.3 MP Secondary Camera
    • Scorpion Processor of  800 MHz 
    • 3G Support
    • Wi-Fi
    • Storage Capacity Expandable upto 32 GB

    Buy Motorola FIRE XT online

    8. Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos

    • Price : Rs. 9500
    • Android v2.3 (Gingerbread)
    • 3 MP Camera
    • 0.3 MP Secondary  + GSM)
    • 2.6-inch screen
    • Processor  of 832 MHz 
    • Wi-Fi 
    • Storage Capacity Expandable upto 32 GB
    Buy Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos online

    9. LG Optimus L3

    • 3.2 inches screen
    • 3.2 mp camera
    • 800 mhz processor
    • Dual sim
    • 1500 mAH battery
    • 384 mb RAM 
    • Internal Memory of 1GB
    • Price : Rs. 7299
    Buy LG Optimus L3 E400 online If you have budget of more than rs 10,000 then give a look to :-

    Although LG optimus L3 E400 is available for Rs 7299 with same specification expect dual sim function. Now it really depends upon you that whether you want to spend extra thousand bucks for dual sim function or not.

    Check out review of latest budget android phones


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