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How to Convert Videos to Audio with Speed and Quality

  • You might have some fantastic video songs in your pc or laptop. But when you try to
    save those video songs in your portable devices, it takes a lot of space.
    So today,I came out with a solution to this problem. I found a software, convert genius
    which converts almost all video formats to audio formats with speed and quality. Here are some features of Convert genius :-


    Converts All Popular Video & Audio formats with High Definition & High Speed
    Convert Genius is capable of converting videos to audios like MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AC3, M4A, etc.
    With a high definition output, Convert Genius does its job quickly without compromising with quality.

    Supports All Portable Media Devices
    Convert Genius supports almost all portable media devices. It can convert any video on Windows for all portable media players, such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Xbox, Blackberry etc. Thus you can enjoy any video on the go.

    Powerful Settings for Outputs

    You can set the quality of output as high, medium or low as required.

    Batch Media Conversion

    You can convert more than one video at a time on convert genius which saves a lot of your precious time.

    Quick Video Trimmer

     You can trim or edit videos quickly, and you don't have to be a geek to do it. It works as a video editor for its users.

    User-friendly and Easy-to-use

    Convert genius is very easy to use program with a very user friendly interface. Even a 10 year old kid can use it comfortably.

    Download here


    Four reasons why social media is the most effective way of Market research

  • The pace with which social media has captured the mindspace of people across the globe has been overwhelming to say the least. Today it has become an integral part of our lives. If Facebook was a country, it would be the third largest country in terms of population with more than 800 million profiles. Millions of others have their profiles on other less popular social networks such as Orkut, Myspace, Google + and still others catering to niche audience like Linkedin, Youtube etc. Social media brings out what’s really inside a person. Social media has become a major source of primary data for market researches.

    Market research is data collection, integration, analysis and then dissemination of information generated. Main aim of market research is to find consumer preferences, their purchase and consumption pattern.

     Why Social media is becoming primary source of data for Market researches :-

    1) Audience is pro-active on social media

    Audience on social media websites update their status on their respective profiles frequently. Social media has become a part of our lifestyle. The information or data we obtain on social media is updated on a daily basis .

    2) Cost-effective method

    Online Market Research is very cost effective. Whenever a person likes a fan page or group on Facebook, it is automatically suggested to his/her friends, as the things become viral, it makes it cost-effective source of advertising as well as data collection. Whenever people use some application on Facebook, they allow the application to access and use their profile information. So cost of collecting information becomes very low.

    3) Highly efficient as audience is targeted

    It is very easy to reach your niche target as audience is divided on the basis of their fan page likes, groups and communities joined. So if you need to do some research on developers around the world it is easy to find them on various communities on social media websites such as Facebook, Linkedin etc.

    4) Accurate

    The information people provide on their social networking profiles are fairly accurate. Views or information provided in conventional sources of data collection such as web forms and surveys may be biased. But the information provided in social media is mostly genuine.

    In the end, it is safe to say that in the coming years, as more and more people have access to internet, the significance of social media market research will only grow and other methods would propabably cease to exist.


    How To Earn Money From A Failed Blog

  • Most of the people who starts a blog end up nowhere. After writing 50-60 articles, intensilty to write just falls drastically. There are two basic reason behind this , first there are no readers and secondly there is no income. I am not going to repeat that topic of " How to increase your reader base " again and again because you can find a ton of articles about. So today lets discuss , how to earn from a flop and low traffic blog :-

    Paid reviews
    Try get some domain authority fror your blog by getting some backlinks from high PR websites , this way your blog would also get some pagerank. Once you have done this , you will start getting paid reviews . You can get paid reviews from buy rewvies ( ) . Price per review varies from $10 to even $500 .

    Amazon affiliates

    Amazon is world's biggest e-commerce portal in terms of sales. Bloggers all over the world earns thousands of dollars by putting Amazon affiliate ads in their blogs.


    As a blogger you might have learned some design skills as me. Whether you use blogger or wordpress , you gathers many skills namely HTML, CSS, SEO, Graphic-editing etc. You can provide services and can advertise those services in your own blog to get better prices. You can get micro jobs from many places all over the worldwide web i.e.

    Email listings

    You can sell the email list of the readers to advertisers. This is also a major source of income nowdays.

    Social Media

    Social media had take over the lives of people. You might have a lot of facebook fans or twitter followers. You earn from sponsered posting there.

    Adverstising Networks : 

    If nothing above working for you do wbsite flipping , this means improve the page views and adsense revenues by posting aggresively for some time to get high price for your blog. Check out more about advertising networks top

    Akash 2 Tablet To Launch In April 2012

  • Aakash 2 Tablet :- Over 2 months back we have reported that Aakash 2 Tablet Coming Soon, also we predicted February release date of Aakash 2 Tablet. But this release date has pushed delayed, statement released by Indian Government, reports PTI.

    Government said, they are aware about the low quality and complaints regarding their low-cost ‘Aakash 2 Tablet PC’, and they are planning to bring upgraded version of tablet in the form of ’Aakash II’. HRD Minister, Kapil Sibal has given a hint that they can give orders to other manufacturers to fulfill huge demands. Government was conducting reviews from the consumers, who was among first persons to use the India’s $35 Tablet. The ITI is involved to upgraded the tablet, and hopefully final version of Aakash 2 to be as soon as April.


    Techinline - Remote Desktop Support Software (Review)

  • Techline is a hasslefree Remote Desktop Support Software that allows instant connection between remote PC's located in any part of the world.With the help of Remote Desktop, you can quickly view, diagnose, and fix remote desktops without pre-installing software.With the help of Remote Desktop, you can quickly view, diagnose, and fix remote desktops without pre-installing software. This cost-effective solution enables you to:
    • Remotely control any desktop anywhere in the world
    • Transfer files between the remote and local computers
    • Send and receive text chat messages

    Features Of Techline Remote Desktop Support Software

    2-Way Desktop Sharing
    View or take full control over remote computer or share your computer to remote computer.

    Customization and Integration
    We can display our company’s name, logo, and other branding things directly on the remote support page, which will effectively market our service brand. Seamlessly we can integrate the branded support page into our company’s website to further simplify the entire connection process for our clients.

    Remote Reboot and Reconnect
    Reboot and reconnect a remote computer without interrupting a running support session. Efficiently complete all actions that require a reboot.

    Instant Messaging Chat
    Exchange instant text messages with the remote client directly through the Techinline service interface by using the built-in live chat. Immediately exchange messages via Techinline's integrated live chat, and maintain real-time communication with the client during the support session without resorting to any external means of communication.

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