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Natural Themes for Windows 7

  • When I am working on my computer sometimes I need to take a break from it all and look at something beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful to me then scenes from nature. From waterfalls to flowers to mountains and streams, nature is so living and active that just a photograph of it takes me away from my desk and into another world. Here are some of my favorite free natural themes for Windows 7.

    windows 7 natural themes

    1.      Canada Theme 

          This theme consists of six separate photo of the beauty of the Canadian landscape. From the sunset at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park to the desert cliffs of Dinosaur Provincial Park to the boats, lovely trees, and serene water atthe Curme Islands in Desolation Sound. These images will thrill and delight you. There is also a beautiful photo of Lady Evelyn Falls and a gorgeous shot of the Northern Lights.

    2.      Caribbean Shores Theme 

          From the cool northern climate to the sunny beaches of the Caribbean Sea, this theme is a collection of twelve beautiful sea inspired shots. With an abundance of clear blue water and palm trees, coves and tropical flowers, and picturesque thatched huts, this theme will leave you aching for a vacation, especially during the chilly winter months.

    3.      Forests Theme 

          To me there is nothing like the cool, dappled beauty of a forest to calm the nerves. This theme is one of my absolute favorites. With sixteen calming images of trees, leaves, flowers, meadows, creeks, dewdrops, climbing vines and dangling moss, you will never be bored. Span the seasons from Spring to Fall with this heavenly collection of forest photos.

    4.      Germany:Mountains to Sea Theme

          This eclectic collection features a dozen images from the mountains and waters of Germany. From sheep on hills to lighthouses and cool waters, this theme will make you feel like you have just taken a trip to see the wonders of the German landscape. I love the shot of the cabin sitting on the water with the majestic mountains surrounding it and reflecting in the still water.

    5.      IcelandTheme

          This theme is all about the water. With twelve images it gives you an overview of the natural beauty of this desolate place. From the waves crashing against the rocky sea shore to the mossy banks of a creek to the roaring of a waterfall, you can practically feel and smell the dampness in the air.

    6.      IrelandTheme

          There is nothing so green as Ireland. From the rolling hills to the cliffs by the sea, there is something just magical about this place. This theme has seventeen images that will give you some idea of what this beautiful area is like. One of my favorite images is of The Rock of Cashel in Cahir in the County Tipperary. The sheep graze under the might of a looming castle with ominous grey clouds signaling a storm is on its way. Just perfect.

    7.      JapanTheme 

          There are many Japanese themes to choose from but this short theme of only six photos is really special. I love the image of the colorful pink cherry tree blossoming and the current of a mossy river in Akita Prefecture. Such a pretty scene.
    8.      Painted Skies Theme – This theme is all about the beauty of the skies as the sun paints pastel colors. The photographer, Brook Burling, captures the sky in beautiful shades. Even lighting can light up the night sky in ways that you could not imagine. There are seventeen spectacular photos in this theme, each one with a beauty all its own.

    9.      WaterfallsTheme

          There is just something so calming and reinvigorating about water, and waterfalls in particular. In this theme there are ten spectacular photographs that capture a vast array of waterfalls, from a trickle to a massive onslaught of white, tumbling drops. The long exposures help you to see the movement and you feel as if you could reach out and drink for the brisk, clear water of mountain streams and forest pools.

    10.  HarvestTime Theme 

          This is the theme I have on my computer right now, and it is a splendid theme to see the variety of nature’s fruit as it is collected before the winter. From olives to grapes to berries of all shapes and sizes and even hay being baled, these eighteen images make you feel like you are back on the farm and will leave you hungry for a piece of fresh fruit or a bite of berry.

    11.  LighteningTheme

          This theme features one of nature’s most beautiful, frightening and elusive things. Lightening. The bolts raining down from the sky used to be attributed to the anger of the gods, but they can still inspire a shiver of awe today. With fourteen captures of lighting in this theme you will always be left wondering how in the world the photographer managed to get such a perfect shot.

    12.  MoonlightTheme 

          “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!” Crooners can go on about the moon as much as they would like but it still does not diminish its standing in our eyes. The beauty of the moon is captured in these sixteen images. From seas to forests to meadows and cities the moon looks as beautiful as always, no matter what the surroundings. The thing that gets me the most is the juxtaposition between the relics of our past, like the ruins of ancient Greece, and the self same moon that has always hung over our planet throughout the ages of human history.

    13.  SpectacularSkies Theme

          This theme is all about capturing the spectacular. From cloudy days to glorious sunsets to flowers against a clear blue sky, the eleven images on this theme will have you looking up more often than not. How much do we miss with our eyes on our phones? You might want to start looking up at the beauty above and around you.

    14.  RainbowsTheme

          Throughout history rainbows have been considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity. In the bible a rainbow was shown to Noah as God’s promise never to wipe out the world in a flood again and ever since then a rainbow has held a special meaning for us. These eighteen images capture rainbows as they appear around the world, shining their multi colored splendor on the landscapes below. From icy waters to lush farmland to crowded cities, rainbows light up the sky and bring a smile to your face.

    15.  WinterTheme

          Last but not least is the Winter Theme. The beauty of snow and ice is truly something you have to see to appreciate. During the hot summer months you long for a cool crisp winter and during the winter months you long for a warm breeze. It is just how we are, I guess. But these thirteen images will leave you wishing you lived in a winter wonderland year round. Frost covered branches, fat little birds, pine trees covered with snow, and meadows dusted with white will all inspire you to grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy your winter.
    These are just a sampling of the beautiful assortment of themes that are available to download for free on your Windows 7 PC. If you are interested in seeing more all you have to do is right click on your desktop and select personalize. There you will see a window with the themes that you already have and you can click ‘get more themes online’ to choose from a wide selection of free downloads. Or you can simply click here to be taken directly to the Windows 7 theme directory. There you can browse by topic or just see the most popular downloads. Have fun!
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