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Yahoo Domains - Review

  • Recently I was going to register just another domain from Godaddy, then a friend of mine suggested me Yahoo Domains. They were offering domains for $1 for first year. Every major TLD like .com, .net and .org can be registered just for $1 using coupon code "FIRST YEAR". I was amazed to see such a low prices for a domain.

    Features of Yahoo Domains

    • They offer 24 hours toll-free customer care support service. Really better than Godaddy and other registrars who charge extra money for live support and they take up to 72 hours t reply an email.
    • Easy to use control panel with free DNS management tools.
    • As Yahoo Domains is a big name, it ensures domain safety and protects you from domain theft.
    • Easy to transfer domains :-You can easily transfer domain to any other person or even another registrar. There is no binding or contract of any kind if you have purchased domains at a very cheap price from them.
    • Free starter web page :- When you register a domain name with yahoo domains, you get a free start-up web page where you can add your business's details such as address and contact details. If you are on a very low-budget, yahoo domains is what you need.

    Domain Name Registration

    It's very easy to register domain on yahoo domains. It takes just 5 minutes. The only fault I noticed was, they gave me an email that they have deducted just 1 rupee although actually $1 was deducted. I thought I got the domain foe free. But people at yahoo are not so fool ;-)

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