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Finding Novel Content for Your Blog

  • Information on the Internet sometimes propagates so quickly that every blog out there seems to have almost exactly the same article on it. Most of the time, the blogs that don't have the same type of search engine visibility that the biggest blogs do will end up just following a trend but never benefiting from it as do the bigger and more popular destinations. For example, if one of the leading news sites runs a story on something that gets propagated across hundreds of blogs, the news site that originally ran it is generally going to be the only one that really benefits from that content in terms of search engine visibility.

    To make your blog stand out, you have to adopt some techniques that help you to find content that the other blogs aren't running and that, hopefully, they will want to pick up once they see it. Here are some good ways to accomplish that goal.

    Books and Magazines

    Some of the duplicated content that propagates between blogs is simply the result of authorial laziness. Pick up some books and magazines. Look through them and find information that you don't see all over the Internet. One of the advantages this gives you is reducing your chances of reproducing inaccurate information. Just to give yourself an idea of how little people actually check facts on the Internet, ask a question with a yes or no answer in a search engine and notice how quickly you can find websites that answer it both ways, even if the answer is not a matter of opinion. Books and magazines go through editors and they tend to have more accurate and, oftentimes, more interesting information than many Internet sites do.

    Go Deeper

    If you see blogs reproducing the same information over and over again, investigate the information they're reproducing a bit further than the blogs have already done. Check their sources, look up additional information or do as is advised in the previous section and get a book and find out if what they're saying is true. If you find out that what they're saying is actually false, you could end up getting some attention for it and some traffic.

    Check Your Archives

    If you've been blogging for a while, Premium Wordpress Themes  make it easy for you to navigate through your own archives and to search for information. See if you have information that bears posting again. In some cases, you may even find that some of your posts, when posted one after the other, tell an interesting story and have a connection that you may not have noticed the first time around.

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