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Nokia Lumia 710 - Review - Features and Specifications

  • These days the smartphone's r are getting very popular  in the market. Nokia Lumia 710 after decrease in its price is giving a tough competition to other smartphone's.We have reviewed this Nokia Lumia 710 and have also compared with some other phone.

    Some features of Nokia Lumia 710

    • It has 3.7 clear black LCD.
    • It has internal memory of 8 GB but it cant be expended.
    • It runs on the processor of 1.3 GHz.
    • It supports Wi-Fi, 3G and have 13 mAh battery.
    • Plus points of Nokia Lumia 710


    • I really appreciate its high speed.
    • Its screen quality makes it different from other smartphones.
    • It has solid body and good operating system.

    Negative points of Nokia Lumia 710

    • This Nokia Lumia does not have secondary camera.
    • It doesn't have Apps like android.
    • Its memory cant be expanded .


    If you compare Lumia 710 with Lumia 800 you will see that Lumia 800 is much more better then Lumia 710.It has plastic body but have premium quality steering feel.It will attract you with different body colors.Lumia 800 is a unibody phone but in comparison you will find that Lumia 710 is a bit small.It has 3.7 inch of clear black LCD screen which is very comfortable one can see its bright screen even in sunlight very comfortably.this phone has 3 button for back,menu and search.It has changeable battery which is not there in Nokia Lumia 800.It has "live tile" feature through which you can check your live social updates very easily.


    Its a window 7 phone and has android.It will be a new experience for all those who are using blackberry or i phones.With tile screen you can run its screen very comfortably,it has a great touch response.It will take time to understand all of its feature but once you are through you will enjoy have to swipe its touch vertically.

    It has 5 mega pixel camera with flash light overall it has an average camera quality.It doesn't have secondary camera.The processor is really very fast which you can feel in gaming.Performance of other features in this Lumia 710 is also good.Even in heavy load  its battery can run for a whole day.

    In the world of windows market number of apps is increasing day by day but no one can give competition to android.Now the question arises whether the people will accept it in place of android.This phone has good mail feature and fast push mail feature.

    I hope you like the features of this phone and its a great option if you are planning to buy a window phone because you cant find window phone within this price range.Now choice is yours.

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