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Android Users Will Have To Face Hackers And Virus Near In Future

  • hackers_virus_androidSome time before i accidentally  switched on to some channel which was showing the top 100 gadget that has changed the world and i got shocked with the fact that smartphone topped that list ,can you believe it, i mean its our daily basic need ,we keep our important files and document in that but "changing the world" is a big title but now these android smartphone's is in danger because of its growing popularity. security is a point of talk these days in android world ,there are thousand of Apps claiming to give full security  but trust me there is no such App which can give 100% security to your phone.Hackers are now targeting on your android phones claimed by Symantec.Researcher has revealed about the truth of Trojan which now has entered into the market of virus before its a common practice in your desktop but now the Malware has initiated this thing in android market.

    In general situation hackers  target those operating system which is used by large number of people like we saw in windows ,it is a point of center for the hackers but as android is growing day by day the hackers now plunge on to this OS.Android capture 50 percent of the U.S market.

    However the situation of this virus is still under control as it enters a bit whenever any specific part of app is modified but foreseeing the situation  it will become very difficult to solve this situation as all the antivirus may fail to detect the virus in future.

    I personally feel that  android phones are like mini computer and  having android phones in pocket is much more important then to have purse or money in your pocket.

    If you have any question related to security of android feel free to ask by leaving your comment below.

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