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7 Tips to Make Money With Clickbank

  • Clickbank is one of the main source of income for most of the bloggers. Unlike Adsense, you can fetch even $100 from a single sale in clickbank. 90% of the successful bloggers don't depend upon adsense or similar PPC networks to make money as the payout is quite low. As in PPC networks, Publishers don't know the value of products they are selling on their blogs and websites. But it is quite clear in affiliate partnerships, the value of products you are selling. Commission hovers around 10% to 80% ( yes it is 80%, some of the sellers provides 80% commission !! )
    Even though so many advantages, still most of the publishers struggle with clickbank to make money . So today i come up with some tips which can help you to make big money with clickbank, here they are :-

    1) Choose the products wisely

     You need to identify your readers, who they are and why are they coming to your site. Analyse the main keywords that are driving traffic towards your website on Google Webmaster Tools. Try make search products by using similar keywords on Clickbank marketplace. Try the products that are closely related to your website. For example, if i am running a design website, often i provide inspirational articles on business cards, so when i try to sell business cards, it was a hit !!!  Give a look to some handpicked products in  my previous article

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    2) Act as a guide

    As a publisher, your reader consider you as a guide for some specific field of knowledge. If you try to just sell the products, the game is over. You need to explain them the benefits of products without acting as a salesman. Try to promote the products which are required by your readers, if you try to sell some weight reducing products on a teen blog, you will end up having NIL earning in your account. Try to behave like your reader. Your affiliate links should never look like an advertisement. Try to avoid image banners or blogroll links. It effects the search engine visibility of your site.

    3) Do some research on the product you are promoting

    You are acting like a guide, so it is your duty to not to promote products that have no value to your readers and they regret after purchasing the products. You need to answer the following questions to yourself

    • Give a look at the type of product and its value for money. 
    • How popular this product is ? 
    • Are they scammers ? 
    • Is the products overpriced ?
    • Give a look to the landing page, is it looking professional ?

    4) How Search engine is looking at your blog

    It is a proven fact that the most of the sales made on affiliate market is through organic visitors ( ie. the people who come through search engines. Give a look to the below checklist

    • Always try to create content for a particuler niche regularly. 
    • Add "nofollow" tag to your affiliate links
    • Never use blogroll links for affiliates
    • Never give links to google penalized sites
    • Try to to create uniques and useful content
    • Write unique  meta description for every webpage and post
    • Try to create some backlinks from related websites
    Give a look at my previous articles on SEO

    5) Make your blog attractive

    Although there are lot of people who are selling without any website or blog but statistics say that people having blogs makes more sales. You should try  to make an attractive blog which catches the readers eyes. 
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    6) Have Patience

    Most of the publishers and bloggers lack patience. They try to promote a product, after some 20-30 clicks the affiliate links, they gets nothing, they start comparing affiliate business with PPC. Calculation comes out to  be 30 * $.30 = $9, gosh I lost $9 today !!!
       Wait a minute, on an average 1 sale is made out of every 40 clicks and average income per sale is about $32. You were some clicks away from making a sale. Even that 30 cent figure is somewhat high, actually most of the bloggers gets a CPC  of 10 to 20 cents. Calculation is far easy 

    In case of PPC

    • Clicks = 40
    • CPC = 30 cents
    • Total revenue = $12

    In case of Affiliate

    • Clicks = 40
    • Sale = 1
    •  Total Revenue = $32

    So you are earning $20 more that is 166% more than PPC.

    Try to target readers from developed countries like US, UK etc. As online purchasing pattern is quite different in developing countries. Due to ineffective piracy laws, people tries to get pirated products.

    7 ) Try another affiliate programs

    Even after lot of patience if you are unable to make money from clickbank, then there are lot of alternatives available to clickbank namely Commission Junction, Shareasale, google affiliate and a lot more. Even if you are not satisfied with affiliate business then you can revert back to PPC networks and that too have many options. Give a look to our previous article for this :-

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