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Apple-Samsung Patent Infringement Case Verdict - Jury imposed a fine of $1billion on Samsung

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    In patent infringement accusations case, Jury had imposed a fine of $1.049 Billion on Samsung. Apple accused that Samsung had copied the feel of iPhone and iPad. Although it is perceived that Samsung will file an appeal against this decision but this verdict had been proved to be a slap on Samsung's integrity and brand value.

    Features that Samsung copied From Apple 

    Pinch to zoom

    Most of the Samsung gadgets have this feature which was patented by Apple. Except some low end gadgets most of the mobiles and tablets have this feature, now they need to remove this.


    Jury found that designs Samsung's S3 and tablets are copied from Apple. Apple claim had been accepted that Samsung copied its design of "rectangle with round corners" and although this patent is damn public information and widely used but jury took decision in favour of Apple.

     Bounce Back Scrolling Feature

    This would hit hard to Samsung's products, a feature that made device wide navigation need to be removed.

    Samsung devices that would be effected by this verdict

    Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Skyrocket, Vibrant, Galaxy Tab, Tab 10.1, Nexus S smartphone, Prevail, Infuse, Continuum, Gem , Indulge, Droid charge and lot more.

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