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How to unlock Nokia Phones

  • You just have got a mobile from a friend or a relative, really a nice moment. But wait for a moment it is locked. Cellular companies in different countries imposes certain restrictions so you can't change the sim so easily. But   it is quite simple to unlock a nokia phone

    1) Find IMEI number

    Type "*#06#" (without quotes), you will find a 15 digit number. If can also find this number on the backside of the mobile after removing the battery.


    2) Remove the Sim Card

    Just remove your sim card, because you will be unable to remove your phone restrictions with removing the companie's sim card.

    3) Turn on the phone again without sim card

    Simply turn on the phone without inserting any sim card.

    4) Find the master code here

    5) Last Step

    Type #PW+CODE+7#  or  #PW+CODE+1#

    6) You will get a message, " Cell restrictions are removed" :)

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