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5 Top Free Android Apps You Should Have In Your Android Device

  • Whenever it comes to android phones ,its wide range of Apps market puts user into trouble .A person gets confused as which App to be selected or whch to be drop.Today we will present a list of top android Application for which you should go for :


    Dolphine HD makes me remember of firefox.It supports multi tabbed browsing ,add ons and plugins.This browser has changed the defination of web surfing.Literally it can run 8 websites at a time.Beside this it also provides the feature to bookmark your favorite site or you can even save the best website in the form of pdf file.


    Lookout mobile security app is really very beneficial to provide security to your phone .It provide the facility to protect your phone from hackers and virus attack.One can do scanning in this app beside all this it also becomes very easy to detect the virus.Even it can also identify  phishing attack and malware very easily.This app comes with phone and backup service and also avail the facility of tracking to your phone.


    For android "Drop box" is an important cloud storing service.Through this App you get the facility to  store data and files on an outlaying server  and you can login this storage account from any android phone with the availed password and can see your personal documents and files beside this you can even customise the office data into folder.It supports other softwares for computer or smartphones.Through Drop box you can share data and and pictures through link and emails with your freinds and colleagues.It also provide the facility to be in contact with the social networking platforms like twitter and facebook.It gives you the free data storage upto 2 GB.If you want to go beyond this you have to give some charges.


    If your are facing problem like i am facing in writing long text messages then this "Sywpe app" is a best app for you.Through this app it becomes very easy and smooth for one to write long messages.It is also very helpful in providing data funtion on screen.This app comes with T9 predictive text inputing service.It is the smart app for smart people using smart phones.


    For running app in smartphones there is a need to have a high amount of power backup and for this purpose to save and increase the power "juice defender" is the best app.Like if one is using Wi-Fi,gps,wallpaper,theme,widgets in such kind of situation juise defender protects the drainage of power.It find out the feature which is not in use and save the life of battery.Using this type of Apps you can save the power of your battery upto 50%.

    I hope you all like the information of apps i shared above ,if you are looking for some other apps of your interest feel free to ask by leaving your precious comment below.

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