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Tips to increase Adsense Revenue

  • Adsense have become a major source of income for most of the bloggers. But still a big legue of blogger struggles with low CTR and CPC. So today i am providing you some simple tips to get rid of them :-

    1) Reduce the Number of ads

    Reduce the number of ads from 2 or 3 t 1 because when there are more then 1 ad, the supply of your ads is more than demand by advertisers bidding for it. So it is advised to keep the number of ads as low as possible.

    2) Use rich media ads

    Rich media and animated flash ads attracts viewers eyes and leads to more clicks , it leads to high revenue.

    3) Placement

    Optimal placement of ads ads leads to high revnue. An ad below post title brings more clicks as compared to header. Placement should be compatible with your blog/website design.

    4) Blocking low paying advertisers 

    Find out the list of low payng ads and block them. Some of the websites tries to aim at lowest paying keywords. You should avoid them.

    5) Use Google Adwords's keyword tool

    Write the articles for keywords having high competition and high cpc in adword keyword tool.

    6) Removing ad categories 

    Find out the low paying ad categories and remove them. 

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