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Tablet Buying Guide

  • Now a days tablets are getting more and more popular, it became one of the best selling products online. All of the manufacture wants to cash this opportuinity. Every week there is a tablet most of them are running on google powered Android OS. So today i am providing you a tablet buying guide, here it is :-

    Operating System 

    Two major OS are Google powered Android (opensource) and Apple powered IOS. In case of android running devices, check out its lastest version, v4.1 (jelly bean) is the lastest version of android.


    New generation tablets have a processor of 1ghz or more, all new Google Nexus 7 have a quadcore processor of 1.3 ghz.

    Screen Size

    Tablets comes in range of 6" to 12" , screen size really effects the price of a tablet. So while buying a $200, you should not expect a 10" screen.

    Build and shape

    While Ipad looks really good but its really brittle. Whereas Google Nexus 7 and Samsung's tablets proves to be relatively strong.

    Price and Value for money

    Some of tablets such as Ipad are priced more than it really worth. All other tablets are competitevely priced.


    Although you may not require this feature in a tablet, but it is required in case of video chat and many other apps.

    Calling facility

    Some of the tablets like Samsung Galaxy tablet have calling facility.

    USB Slot

    Most of the tablets as Google Nexus 7 , Samsung Galaxy etc have USB slot but Ipad don't have a USB slot.

    Availability of accessories

    While buying an tablet you should first consider that whether its accesories and parts are available easily or not.


    Its the most important thing, as a product from reputed brand is always durable. 

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