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Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Review

  • Samsung Galaxy Y is a smartphone with pleasant design that runs on Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) . It have 832 mhz processor and 312 mb RAM that gives Its the best entry level android phone which gives head to head competition to phones that are priced more than Rs. 10000. Size of the screen is 3 inches which reasonably good at this price.
    For features and more android phones below Rs. 10,000

    Diifference between Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Y is Ace have a screen of 3.5" , having a 5mp camera and a separate proocessor for gaming.


    • Price is just rS. 6700
    • High performance with a fast processor
    • RAM is 312mb which is really good at this price
    • Performance of carmera is reallly good if you need a camera just to upload pictures to facebook
    • Looks really cool


    • Screen size is small and doesn't provide true Android experiance
    • Battery backup is just 6 Hours

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