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Top 5 Best Pay Per Click Advertising Networks – PPC

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    Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising is very popular very popular way to make money online now ! every blogger is trying to make money with using PPC networks . Here are some of the top Pay Per Click advertising networks of which you can chose one or many to your blog .

    1.Google Adsense

    Google adsense is dynamic pay per click advertising network that powered by Google Inc. so many top blogs was using adsense to monetize their blogs .So many my friends also using adsense and be happy with self employment .below i given some of interesting points about Google adsense.
    Google adsense approval is not much easy , need to wait 2-3 days for approval .
    you are able to use 1 account for multiple blogs .
    Payments done via Check
    Lot of chances to ban your account , so you need to maintain your ads with out any click bombs .
    if you have any deep experience with Google adsense ? share your experience with us using below comments section.
    Now apply for Google ad sense Here !


    You are banned by Google adsense ? don’t worry .. i will prefer you to use Clicksor . Clicksor also works same like Google adsnese . Clicksor is also providing Popup ads , in link ads , and other methods for monetize your blog . But Clicksor will pay very low if you compared with Adsense .
    BidVertiser also providing Pay Per Click advertising service for publishers ,BidVertiser approval is very easy and you are able to set ads in your website with in 1-2 mins . go to this link to check Guidelines for publishers .


    Chitika is a special advertising network , yeah some thing special on it .. you are able to run Chitika with Google adsense , Chitika Ads are non-contextual so you are able to use with adsense. Chitika minimum payout is 10$ , payments done via Paypal and others(50$ is minimum payout for checks).Check this page to know more about Chitika features .

     5.OBEUS is fast growing PPC network also providing affiliate marketing (like Referral program) , but saying frank Obeus is not recommended because Obeus is not much popular and also doesn’t have enough advertisers . if you have interest to try Obeus ? you can check publisher guidelines here  . Check this page to know more about Affiliate program .
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    so finally what you decided ? i recommend to  choose Google adsense OR Clicksor ! anyway share your experience in below comments . Thanks for reading , Have a nice day 

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