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Top 10 Ways to Make Money from your Blog

  • Most of the bloggers always try to make money from their blogs but unable to make much beacuse they don't try to explore the big money machines . I have just decided to share all that sources with my readers and here they are

    10. Selling ebooks
    As a blogger i am assuming that you are very good at writing, So what are you waiting for. Write an ebook on subject of your interest and sell it for $5 to amount you want.
    Easy way to sell these ebooks is putting a banner of that ebook on your blog, write about this on your facebook profile , ask your friends to write a review on different websites.

    9. Premium Content
    You may sell premium content such as PSD fies of a tutorial made, source code files of your blog's template etc. Readers may pay a big amount for them.

    8. Cosultation
    You can provide consultation services to other bloggers or business website owners to help them increase traffic and improve the look and feel of their website.

    7. Business Content Wrting
    Business website owner generally don't really have time to write content and also they may not be as efficient as you in writing. So you may provide them content writing services and charge them as the situation allows.

    6. Blog Links
    If your blog is having some high Google Pagerank or its getting high traffic, other bloggers and related business websites owners would love to have a link of their website on your blogroll. So you can charge them as per your blog's link value.

    5. Direct Advertisment
    You can add an advertise here page in your blog and let sponsers to contac you directly. So you don't need to pay any commission.

    4. Buyandsellads
    This is one of the best way to encash your blog, the more traffic you have moe the price you can set for your ad slots. Ad slots are sold for a fixed amount or PPC. It's just likeoutsourcing your reveneue generation department to buyandsell. They charge 25% of all the ad revenues.

    3. Google Adsense
    This is the most famous and well known source of income for most of the bloggers. But somehow i find it is very low paying option as compared to others. Google pays you for each click on ad on your blog. Minimum payout is $100.

    2. Clickbank / Commission Junction
    These are the awesome source of income for niche blogs. You just need to pick the products which appeals to your readers. They pays from $10 to $80 each sale. As one is here

    1. Sponsered Reviews 
    You can charge from $20 to infinity for a sponsered review of a product related to your porduct. Give an offer to add upto two baclinks with a high quality review of the sponser's product.

    These are the ideas that all i know, please make this money making list longer with your innovative ideas by commenting .

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