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How To Earn Money From A Failed Blog

  • Most of the people who starts a blog end up nowhere. After writing 50-60 articles, intensilty to write just falls drastically. There are two basic reason behind this , first there are no readers and secondly there is no income. I am not going to repeat that topic of " How to increase your reader base " again and again because you can find a ton of articles about. So today lets discuss , how to earn from a flop and low traffic blog :-

    Paid reviews
    Try get some domain authority fror your blog by getting some backlinks from high PR websites , this way your blog would also get some pagerank. Once you have done this , you will start getting paid reviews . You can get paid reviews from buy rewvies ( ) . Price per review varies from $10 to even $500 .

    Amazon affiliates

    Amazon is world's biggest e-commerce portal in terms of sales. Bloggers all over the world earns thousands of dollars by putting Amazon affiliate ads in their blogs.


    As a blogger you might have learned some design skills as me. Whether you use blogger or wordpress , you gathers many skills namely HTML, CSS, SEO, Graphic-editing etc. You can provide services and can advertise those services in your own blog to get better prices. You can get micro jobs from many places all over the worldwide web i.e.

    Email listings

    You can sell the email list of the readers to advertisers. This is also a major source of income nowdays.

    Social Media

    Social media had take over the lives of people. You might have a lot of facebook fans or twitter followers. You earn from sponsered posting there.

    Adverstising Networks : 

    If nothing above working for you do wbsite flipping , this means improve the page views and adsense revenues by posting aggresively for some time to get high price for your blog. Check out more about advertising networks top

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