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Akash 2 Tablet To Launch In April 2012

  • Aakash 2 Tablet :- Over 2 months back we have reported that Aakash 2 Tablet Coming Soon, also we predicted February release date of Aakash 2 Tablet. But this release date has pushed delayed, statement released by Indian Government, reports PTI.

    Government said, they are aware about the low quality and complaints regarding their low-cost ‘Aakash 2 Tablet PC’, and they are planning to bring upgraded version of tablet in the form of ’Aakash II’. HRD Minister, Kapil Sibal has given a hint that they can give orders to other manufacturers to fulfill huge demands. Government was conducting reviews from the consumers, who was among first persons to use the India’s $35 Tablet. The ITI is involved to upgraded the tablet, and hopefully final version of Aakash 2 to be as soon as April.

    Mr. Sibal has also accepted their doubtful relations with Aakash makers indirectly, he said they like to resolve the issues rather than highlighting. As per sources, Sibal will meet IIT Rajasthan Director, and also to Special Secretory to discuss about the development further. Sibal said that they did not know the feedback of Aakash users, when they launched the tablet back last year for $35 (Rs. 2,000).

    Features and Specifications of Aakash 2 Tablet
    • Cortex A8 700Mhz faster processor.
    • 256MB memory, 
    • 3200mAh battery, would last upto 3-4 hours , previous version Aakash had only 2100mAh battery, which got a  lot of complaints.
    • Upto 32GB external storage supported
    • WiFi as well as 3G supported.
    • Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System
    • 2 USB ports.
    • 7-inch TFT screen
    • Document reader supports DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, Text Editor
    • Image Formats support, including of PNG, JPG, BMP,TIF, GIF and all other formats.
    • Supports many Video Formats, including MPEG,FLV, AVI
    • Web browser
    Though, production of Aakash 2 is reportedly has been started. Original Aakash was priced for Rs. 2500, and was available for Rs. 1000 with student discount. And now new version of tablets, ‘Aakash 2′ is expected to be available at much higher price, or at same price, which we can’t predict. But as per goverment policy, it will be come out with same price, at least for students under ‘Student discount’ same as its predecessor. The new Aakash 2 Tablet will face quality test, by 600IITians. Now you will ask how to order Aakash 2? Yes.. it is available for Preorder, but it doesn’t offers student discount. You can Preorder Aakash 2 Tablet, but availability of final version of Aakash 2 will be by April 2012, and we will update you soon as we get information

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