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4 Mobile Apps for Health-Conscious Users

  • Since the creation of the smart phone, applications have helped us in all facets of our lives. From helping us more easily connect with our friends, to keeping us entertained with our lives, to aiding us in getting directions to any destination, mobile applications have turned cell phones into virtual personal assistants. One area in which mobile applications can be especially helpful is in the arena of health and personal wellness. Here are a few apps if you want to improve your physical well-being.

    1. MyFitnessPal
      MyFitnessPal is the perfect app for keeping track of your diet. Whether you cook at home from completely fresh ingredients, you buy prepared or semi-prepared items at the store, or you go out to a restaurant, you can input exactly which brands and types of foods into this app. Then, the app will calculate not just calories but grams of fat, carbohydrates and other essential components of the foods with eat. You can keep track of your food intake over time, and you’ll then be able to adjust your diet such that you are eating in a balanced way. 
    1. Every Day Health
      Every Day Health is a one-stop resource for virtually any question you have about medical issues. It has thorough information, all approved by medical professionals, about the top 50 medical conditions. If you have a question about a medication or a symptom, you’ll get expert advice from doctors and pharmacists. If you have a common malady like the cold, this app features tons of home remedies. The app also offers users nutritional information on most foods.
    1. Ian Gaine’s Bootcamp Workout
      Working out, for most of us, is never completely fun, although we know it is an essential part of leading a well-balanced life. The best part about Ian Gaine’s Bootcamp Workout is that it motivates you to exercise regularly because it breaks up the workout into very short-term, discrete goals, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea getting in shape.
    1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
      Aside from eating well and exercising, the most important factor in attaining a well-balanced, healthy life is establishing a consistent quality sleep pattern. Since we are constantly bombarded by the stresses of modern life, it can be very difficult to be aware of your individual sleep cycle to achieve the best possible rest. The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is the perfect mobile app to address this problem. The way it works is that you set your phone underneath your pillow. The app has several metrics with which to monitor your sleep pattern, and your alarm will then go off at the most opportune time within a thirty minutes based on your movements while you sleep.
    Maintaining a healthy life is the most basic foundation for success, and too few people make it a priority, especially since being healthy is difficult. With the help of these apps and multiple others, you won’t have to try so hard.

    This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey,She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99

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