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Facebook Will Launch A Music Platform In September

  • Facebook plans to launch a music platform at its f8 conference in San Francisco on 9 / 22, a source familiar with the plans told CNBC.

    The launch of music social networking platform has long been the rumor, but has not yet materialized. Facebook to launch music is important that the user base of Facebook enormous (over 750 million users) could provide a new market for artists and music publishers.

    What is less clear how the music forums Facebook at work. Check the music industry that Facebook is not really negotiating to become a music store in itself, but it can be to create an environment in which third-party music
    services like Pandora, Spotify, MOG and others can offer their products. If this is the case, nor threaten the existing music services, Facebook Music Forum could actually provide a boost traffic to those that offer free, ad-supported services.

    Music launch would fit the vision of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described earlier this year when he said now better judge the growth of Facebook is based on the amount of content that users share, rather than the raw number of active users .

    Coming in September, launched a Facebook music also be placed closer to competing with Facebook Apple [AAPL 384.83 -5.16 (-1.32%)], which makes its annual music in September. Apple, the worldwide distributor of music, usually updated its iTunes software and updated its line of iPods in September.

    Facebook and Apple collided after Apple's music event last year, when Apple opened rolled Ping social networks. Ping, the Facebook integration, but without the blessing on Facebook. Apple removes tight integration of Facebook's Table, and is followed closely by the Partnership on Twitter, a social utility competitors ..

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