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The Importance of Optimizing Images for Google Image Search Ranking

  • Google Image Search is one of the most effectual ways to bring more traffic and leads to your website. For quite a few companies, the boundaries are achieved from the most frequently used advertising channels such as Google main search and various high-traffic websites. This is also why many of them boost traffic through social networking websites. However, there is really one relatively simpler approach to bring in huge traffic to your website, and that is through
    the Google Image search.  Like any webpage that you have optimized, there are a few techniques you can try out to increase the ranking of the images on your website.

     Use the Appropriate Images 
    It is extremely important to use appropriate and relevant images for your content. Internet experts, SEO specialists and website owners are aware of this and the value of using relevant images for your website content. It pulls in the visitors while adding luster and various interesting facets to your content. This also enables readers to admire your webpage all the more.

     Optimize Images for Faster Web 
    If you are serious about coming up tops in the Google Image search, then you should definitely consider the speed of your website, as speed matters immensely to Google. To do this, try and craft images that load fast on your web page. You can do this through optimizing images and altering their sizes. I would recommend you to use compressed images to lighten the load on the website. Use Google WebP for optimized conversion.

     Proper Naming and Usage of Image Keywords 
    Appropriate naming and proper usage of keywords is vital in any SEO technique. Photos, videos, audios and various other digital elements would be recognized only if they are named appropriately. It is indeed a benefit, if you can use keywords cleverly for the images. Rename images, which have file names such as “Image0001.jpg” as it is not at all helpful. So, follow this easy step and your website will certainly prosper at the image search engines.

     Apply Relevant Descriptive Text 
    Search engines are unable to read digital files and can only use descriptions, file names, robot.txt, captions tags and various other description texts as references. Hence to optimize your images, there is a requirement of appropriate descriptive text. You can take total advantage of this particular aspect by adding relevant keywords in all the aforementioned areas.  However, remember that anchor text is one of the most vital elements to optimize your image efficiently to ensure the top rank. 

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