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Four Twitter Catches That You Should Beware Of !

  • As the number of people who are discovering the power of social networking increase on a daily basis, the social landscape is going to get all the more disorderly and unforgiving.

    Here are a few things to steer clear of as you handle your Twitter presence. 

    1) Personal and Interactive Tweets – The Right Mix 

    Tweeting constantly about what you’re eating and how often have you been to the washroom in the past one hour is a sure-shot guarantee to a decline in the number of followers. You should maintain a fine balance between your personal Tweets and Tweets in which you interact with your followers. Twitter should a tool to mix business with pleasure. It should be intriguing enough to let your followers know more about you and at the same time, it should be informative, allowing your followers to access readable content.

    2) Whom To Follow 
    When Friday comes by, ensure that you have a list of users to plug to your own followers. They should be your favorite users, and you should make it a point to suggest that others follow them. However, ensure that you restrict your suggestions to a handful number of users. Similarly, do not go berserk following loads of accounts in the hope that they will follow you back.

    3) Re-tweeting Everything 
    If you re-tweet, everything under the sun, then you risk barraging your followers with information that they are already aware of. If you must re-tweet something, make sure that you have a valid reason why and try to add your own comments or opinions to it. Else, make sure that the number of re-tweets is limited and they should also come from users outside of the typical niche that you and your followers are involved in. You should concentrate on posting fresh content rather than reproducing old content.

    4) Needless @s 
    When you obtain your first mention, it can be very easy to get carried away. It is normal to do so, considering someone has acknowledged you. However, prior to your response, assess the options. Firstly, you need to make sure that the other user is not a bot. Check their profile thoroughly, along with their Tweet history and followers. Is it a brand that you would like to be associated with? If the answer is yes, then go ahead, give them a mention, but do not let the conversation go beyond another reply, as such conversations are often annoying for the other users to read.  If you wish to continue the conversation, you would rather use direct messaging. Else, if you carry out at extended conversation via your feed, you other followers are going to un-follow you at a much faster rate than you can mention them!

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