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How To Remove Virus From USB Pen Drive Safely and Easily

  • Removing different types of Virus ,worms from usb pen drive and other threats have always been a difficult task to all. In my last post I have discussed some methods for protecting your USB pen drive from virus and other threats.Today,
    I will tell you some simple methods to remove virus and other threats from your USB pen drive :--

    1) Disable Your Computer’s Autorun Feature(best method to protect you usb pen drive) :- Refer this post

    2) Use Hunt and Delete Bat file developed by Piyush Labs ,this simple tool givs you option to remove autorun from usb pen drive automatically,delete suspected files from your usb pen drive, fix registery and much more. Download it here

    3) Use Flash Disinfector, This tool makes the task of virus removal from your USB pen drive so simple. Download it here.

    4) Format and scan your USB pen drive more often!!!!!

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