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Death of USB Thumb Drives - Its Time For Virtual Storage

  • Are you still those USB Thumb (Pen) drives as a portable storage medium which is the most popular method of spreading Virus and other malicious programs? Due to these viruses your system crashes again and again.You lose your impotant data because of all this.
    Also you must have misplace these USB thumb drives often and you need to lose another $10 from your pocket. But now the time has been changed ,we have a great alternative to these USB thumb drive that is Virtual Storage.

                  Currently the leader in Virtual Storage market is Dropbox , you can have 2gb space just for free. What you need to do is download Dropbox from here and create an free account then just install Dropbox on your computer.

    Download Dropbox here

    Features of Dropbox :--

    When you install Dropbox ,it automatically makes sub-folders Public and Private. Whatever you save in Public Folder , you get a url by which you can easily share stuff with friends.
    Whatever you save in Private Folder can be accessed by you only , anywhere in the world by using your Dropbox user name and password.

    Benefits of Dropbox over Traditional USB thumb drives :--
    • Its free.
    • You dont need to carry anything with you.
    • Easy to share stuff with friends.
    • No file type limit.
    • No File size limit.
    • Even the maximum space can be incrteased to 100gb.
    • Carry your stuff with you virtually.
    Download Dropbox here

    Compatibility :- Windows,Mac,Iphone,Ipad,Android,Symbian and Blackberry.

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