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Count Calories of Your Meal Just By Clicking a Picture

  • When I first saw the concept of Meal Snap, an app that lets you take pictures of your food and then counts your calories, I thought, “That’s stupid and will never, ever work.” Actually, I might have said, “How in the hell is it going to count the

    pound of pimento cheese I eat every day of the Masters?”
    The point being is that I wasn’t really convinced that Meal Snap would actually, you know, work. Think about it: how is whatever processes these photos — the app explanation calls it “magic” — going to know everything about a particular meal? Or at least enough, from a photo, about a meal to accurately judge the caloric value.
    And yet, IT DOES.
    Witness my lunch today, which was a Bagel Thin (like a bagel, but thinner!), everything-style, cut in half and toasted with some Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese on it, photographed post-toasting and from a straight vertical angle. Good luck with that, Meal Snap.You can buy Meal Snap for $2.99

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