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Add Indian Rupee Symbol On Your Keyboard

  • Indian Government has released Indian rupee symbol some times ago so you need to use Indian Rupee symbol rather than just typing Rs. whenever you need to mention Indian currency.

    An Indian in Manglore called Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd has made a font called Rupee_Foradian. Which will make you type the rupee symbol like the US $ symbol. The font uses the key above the TAB key on your keyboard to print Rupee symbol on the screen.

    Just follow these simple steps :---

    1. Download the font from here.
    2. Open My Computer -->> C drive -->> Windows Folder -->> Fonts -->> Now paste Rupee_Foradian font file here
    3. Open your text editor such as Microsoft word and select the font “Rupee Foradian”.
    4. Now press the key above the TAB key. You’ll get the Rupee Symbol on the screen.
    5. Don’t worry about the rest of the symbol on that key. Use shift for the Tilde (~) and ctrl for the other symbol.

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