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Add facebook fan page in blogger

  • Facebook is a great Social Networking Site to promote your brand. Most of the major brands do have a Facebook Fan Page.  Are you impressed and want to  create one for yourblog? I too wanted to create one and i finally made it. So lets start making our own Facebook Fan Page for our blog. Please make sure that you have made your facebook fan page which is made from facebook home
    page ,click Create fan page , lets start :--
    Before that - give a look to our previous tutorials

    Step1). Go to your facebook profile page and find "add like box" as given below

    Step2). Now paste your profile page url into "Facebook like url"

    Step3). Click get code and copy XFBML code , we are using XFBML code because it will adjust its lenght and width according to your template

    Step4). Now sign in into your blogger dashboard and go to DESIGN > PAGE ELEMENT

    Step5). Click on add gadget and choose HTML/JAVASCRIPT gadget

    Step6). Now paste your code in the content and left title empty and click SAVE

    Step7).  Hey you have done!!!!!!

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